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1 min readMay 2, 2020


There are 2 kinds of creatives; the ones who have mastered the art of stealing and the ones who try to create something entirely new.

If you’re in the 2nd category, take a seat, let’s talk about you;

You try to create things that are entirely new.

You want to be the Thomas Edison of your time. Your heart is in the right place, however, nothing is new under the sun, so you can as well call off your quest to create something entirely new. Even God created Adam from something that already existed (dust), as if that wasn’t enough, he created Eve from Adam.

My G, just take from all your favs or the favs of your favs and mix to your taste. There you go, you have your own custom party jollof. People who like the smell of your own will come with their plate and extra plate for their friends & family. (Market is moving, init?🤪🤪)

Yours creatively, a fellow creathief.

tobi — Audio Writer

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