tobi — Audio Writer
1 min readMar 4, 2024


For me, I just paid off for like the entire year for the FOM because I hate monthly subscriptions a lot, cos they add to my financial anxiety. I actually wrote a whole post about this frustration:

if I'm going to commit to something that I know I would use, like Medium , I'd rather commit to a year plan. My other subscriptions likeAmazon Prime, phone bill, of course, and house rent (the creepy one that sneaks up on you at the end of the month).

Hence why i went for the yearly FOM plan and thankfully I've been able to get the money back, I think in my first two months.

I know how difficult it is to post like 10 articles per month, in the middle of two jobs, that's quite a lot and if you can't hit it--please extend grace to yourself because you're actually juggling what other people can't handle.

I'm out here just rooting for you every day, every time. I'm always looking forward to your posts.

Totally, unrelated but I noticed something on your profile, is there a way to turn off one's followings? Because I noticed your followings don't show on your page.