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2 min readNov 18, 2023

hollup! not me though!

but when I was a kid, I had a funny habit — I sniffed chairs after guests left.

It became like an America’s Got Talent but for butt-sniffing. The visitors took turns like an audition while I was the only judge.

i’d pass my judgment based on how my nose reacted to the fragrance each of the contestants left behind. The more wicked the smell — the bigger the chance you were to be crowned champion. Had my Ventolin inhaler in hand to prevent the loss of life from a wicked contestant.

a fair number of contestants always came back to defend their titles. Whenever they came to visit i greeted them especially those unknown to them they bagged awards they didn’t know they bagged.

all thanks to puberty, the talent show became too childish and i outgrew that habit.

i’ve upgraded from a chair sniffer to someone who sniffs good adverts. I could be on the highway — on my way to attend an interview — and i’ll make a U-turn just to see an advert i missed at the side of the road:

while this habit can lead to loss of smell and life — this advert by 3M captures another bad habit but at least one that doesn’t lead to death:

the typical first reaction is “are they trying to turn a bad habit into something cool?”

truth is, we all have our habits. whether it’s sniffing chairs and shoes or fixing things that seem unfixable (help fix the Canadian job market🙏🏽) — like the 3M brand. Life’s too short not to celebrate what makes us different.

so, here’s the lesson: Embrace your habits. Because, guess what? It’s what makes us interesting, and there’s nothing wrong — at least until someone catches you in public—smelling shoes or chairs.

PS: never make a U-turn on a highway else — you’ll smell nothing for the rest of your life. You’ll never smell anything else for the rest of your life.

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