If You Can Read This, You’re a Marketer!

(An excerpt from Seth Godin’s Book)

tobi — Audio Writer
2 min readMay 15, 2020

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In today’s article, I’m talking about how we all are marketers on the same journey and some of us don’t realize it yet.

In Seth Godin’s book “All marketers tell stories” he defined marketing as “spreading ideas”. If you think deeply about that, you’ll realize that’s what majority of us do on a daily basis. I’m currently writing this blog post for me to share my idea on this subject matter with you, right?!!

What stood out for me in the early chapters of the book was when he said “Marketing matters because whether or not you’re in a position to buy a commercial, if you’ve got an idea to spread, you’re now a marketer.”

I mean, that makes each and everyone of us a marketer in some way. I bet you’ve shared some ideas with some friends today?

Even if you haven’t shared any today, you’re working on an idea you want to spread to people?

The good thing is now more than ever, you have leverage (yes, that device you’re holding) to create impact with or without spending any money. The responsibility is on us to tell better stories that would help our ideas spread faster.

Do you believe you’re a marketer?



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