if you’re reading this — you’re one click late. Hurry!

I wrote every day on medium for 6 months in 2020 (March-August). It brought out the writing beast in me (now, I’m out here devouring eyes). I’ll always be grateful for that.

However, I realized medium isn’t for me. At least, not right now. The noise, the “sell your soul for coins” fight for attention, etc.

I can’t deal!

Sure, I want to make money from my writing practice but not in this manner.

So, I’ve moved on to https://jollofwrite.substack.com/welcome and I hope you come join me there. Over there is like a cocktail party where it’s strictly by invitation, even better I deliver to your internet-door-step a plate a Jollof-Write — every week.

If you love your eyes getting wet (the good kind) — I highly recommend this nutritious and delicious (diabetes-free) meal.

PS: I write some delicious (sugar-free); emails, IG captions, websites, social media posts, blog posts, ad copies, and any-where-you-put-words that represent you/your business. (They taste like burnt toast bread on bad days and Chocolate cold-stone + your fav-Pizza on a good day — which is most days). Need such service? Hit me up here! or tobitotheworld@gmail.com

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