My First Earnings on Medium

I made $7 CAD from the medium partner program. I didn’t believe the email notification at first until it hit my bank account.

tobi — Audio Writer


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It’s like funny money to me. And this is what some people do, full-time. This is some people’s 9 to 5, that they don’t have to jump the bus to work every morning (like me).

Which is quite interesting. But yeah, it’s unreal, man. It’s unreal. I just count it a privilege, and I count it special to be able to achieve this. I’ve always wanted to have a taste of internet-money. Even though it’s very small, it’s the small things that build up.

As if that wasn’t enough some medium angels like Martynas Ki. (@strangecash) and Lamberton Conservatory showered me support via my


My roommate (Kelvin) once told me “The house you’re looking for is in blocks”. Meaning, the goal you’re trying to achieve is in small wins (blocks). The kind of freedom I’m looking for is in these little wins. And they stack up on each other, right? Just like this $5 that…