My Friend’s Subtle Art of NOT Giving a Fuck

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2 min readNov 26, 2023

sometimes, i feel like he has hacked life

meet Nalin, the embodiment of a carefree philosophy that challenges the conventional pursuit of success and stability. We went from “hey hi” coursemates who got into academic integrity trouble to brothers. We bonded over school assignments and even lived under the same roof. Yet, it was Nalin’s remarkable approach to life that left an indelible mark.

nalin’s demeanor was a study of nonchalance. While the rest of us feverishly sought factory jobs, scoured opportunities in top-tier offices, and stressed over securing our futures, Nalin cruised through life with an uncanny ease. No job hunt stresses, no frantic job applications – just a calm stride through the maze of post-graduate uncertainties.

in the thick of my worries, I turned to Nalin, hoping for some guidance on securing a job for permanent residence in Canada. However, his response echoed the same refrain that had defined our academic years, “Don’t think about it too much.” The familiarity of those words threatened to boil my frustration to the surface.

during a recent conversation, he articulated what had been the guiding force behind his seemingly nonchalant choices. “You’ve seen my life, I never stress to get anything – job, girlfriend, etc.” It was a revelation, a peek behind the curtain of a life unburdened by the weight of relentless striving.

his life echoes Mark Manson’s words from Chapter 1 of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck,”.

nalin’s life, a testament to the philosophy of not sweating the small stuff, whispers that sometimes, it’s when you stop giving a f*ck about everything that things miraculously fall into place.

so, here’s to embracing the Nalin way — a reminder that sometimes, in the dance of life, not giving a fuck might just be the secret move that leads to the most surprising destinations.

ps: we both plan on collaborating on a few posts together — they’d be easy on the eyes but most importantly, they’d make you think.

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