Name A Category, Own The Market

Category Design: create one, be the loudest about it and.

Category design is a mind blowing concept by Christopher Lochhead

It’s a phenomenal way to see positioning for a brand, service, or product.

Basically, it’s creating a market category and placing your product or service as the leader/first in that category.

Similar to what Johnny Cupcakes have done by being the first t-shirt bakery

More Examples: Bob Marley — Rastafarians lewder (category designer of reggae)

Sales force: cloud-based sales automation category.

Airbnb: On-demand apartment/housing category king

Uber: On-demand transportation category king

Apple: digital music category king (with the iPod and iTunes)

Apple: smartphones category (iPhone), and tablets category (iPad).

Tesla: Electric cars category king

SpaceX: Private spaceflight category king

Amazon: Online retail category king

Amazon: E-book readers category king (Kindle)

Amazon: cloud-based computing services category king (Amazon Web Services).

Spanx: Women Underwear Category

Kuda: Bank Of The Free category

Mohammed Ali: Show-man boxer category king

Harry Porter: Young adult fiction category queen

Mahatma Gandhi: Nonviolent resistance category king

IKEA: Cheap, stylish, do-it-yourself furniture category

Laird Hamilton: Tow-in surfing category king

Starbucks: espresso-based beverages category king

Purell: Hand sanitizer

People need to know “what” it is, before “who” it is.

Category thinking works because it’s the way our brains work.

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