Reaching for The Highest Branches

There’s a story of a teacher from Teach For America in Baltimore. She was so empathetic to sense what the students wanted at the time. She had initially wanted to teach maths in class when she switched it up a bit as she shared a piece of paper to the young students and asked them to draw pictures of their biggest dreams on it.

And there was a certain boy who had no clue on what to draw initially, but he finally had an “aha” moment and picked up the pen to draw.

Everyone submitted and left. The teacher picked up the sheets for review and she noticed that a certain young boy drew a pizza delivery man. Out of concern, the teacher called the mother of the boy to explain the situation and the mother explained to the teacher that the only male figure the boy had in his life was his uncle who happened to be a pizza delivery guy.

What this story tells us is young people would always look up and Reach for The Highest Branch they think is possible.

We all have a job in our hands to change what people around us believe is possible.



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