Read computer science — now chasing a writing career

As a computer science graduate, it’s expected such a person chases a career in coding, right?

Sadly for them, I’m one of those exceptions (always a rebel).

I tried coding way before I got into the course. I actually loved it (I felt like Merlin. Seeing my code instructions perform magic on my screen. without reciting some enchantment….Yaaaay!) — but not enough to take a bullet for it.

Looking back now, I didn’t actually love coding but I loved typing — always did since I was 8, helping my mom type for her clients, on a typewriter. (Where my love for writing all begun. A story for another day)

I might never be a tech-bro (programmer) but I’ll always be a Words-bro 👨🏽‍🍳✍🏽.

Click here for some “tech-bro” gist



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