Seth Godin On Why Your Ideas Matter

2 min readJun 5, 2020


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If you’d like to know why your ideas matter & why it’s worth sharing it with people. This post is for you.

Late last year, I started being more intentional about my personal growth. I sought after different systems & means to help me actualize this desire.

In the process of all that, I stumbled on Seth Godin’s awesomeness. Truth is, I had heard is name in the time past, it I didn’t pay attention to him. Not until a friend, Salem Kinging always talker about him in his Instagram stories.

And then I decided to pay full attention to know what this man was all about. I combed the Internet for any videos I could find of him & later I graduated to reading his books.

This blog post is inspired by his insights from his book “Unleashing The Ideavirus”, which I’ll share below.

And here’s why your ideas are so important;

  1. Fulfillment & Impact
  2. Connection/Community
  3. Hunger for the New
  4. Long Term Profit

1. Fulfillment

I agree with Seth on this. I mean, if you look around you today, most of what you’ll see are a product of someone’s idea.

Knowing that your idea is able to make people’s lives better & change culture for the better is

hugely satisfying.

Imagine how Mark Zuckerberg must feel seeing how his small idea went from a dormitory to the world recognition.

2. Connection/Community.

Now. more than ever, majority of us are connected via the internet. That’s why you’re able to connect with me here & read this blog post.

As a matter of fact, the “internet” itself is someone’s idea too. Ideas like this make us form clusters online & find people like us.

3. Hunger For The New

You always like to be first to know about certain things (ideas) right? Exactly!

That feeling of being left out always keeps gon wanting to be In the know of things happening, so you can be seen as smart, resourceful or knowledgeable by your friends & family.

Early adopters are on the increase more than ever before. If you’re reading this blog post, you’re most likely one.

4. Long Term Profit

When your idea spreads people wouldn’t mind paying just to have it or more of it.

And the amount an idea that spreads can yield is limitless.

(PS: I’m also trying to make my ideas spread by writing here daily)

What are your thoughts about ideas spreading?




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