The Most Deadly Disease In the World: Seriousitis

tobi — Audio Writer
3 min readNov 28, 2023

Seriousitis is caused by being too serious about life and its challenges. It first starts affecting the mind and eventually eats your soul through the inflammation of thoughts.

One thing you should absolutely internalize and make it a part of every atom of the being is that life is never gonna be as you intend it to be. It might be like that for a moment but it’ll soon change. It’s not me but the nature of the universe itself. Now universe is too huge to visualize for this feeble mind that is always occupied with trivial stuff. Like how people perceive you, how much money you have, whether you are attractive enough and the list goes on.

Our bodies replace every cell and basically replace itself every 11 months. Now if this vessel is so transient in nature, how can life be any different? Quantum physics is now corroborating theories from ancient cultures that established that everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency.

And the moment you’ll make your peace with this fact, you’ll transform yourself instantly. I remember this amazing quote: “Every person has two lives, the second starts when you realize you only have one”. I know I sound all philosophical and “not real enough for real life” but this article is not for someone who is struggling for a morsel of food every day. In fact, I am writing this for people who have everything, and yet their lives are a constant battle within their own minds, who are suffering from seriousitis.

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How to make sure that you don’t get a serious case of seriousitis?

Consider your life as a river. The moment you are born, you are thrown in that river. When you are a kid, you love that flow that’s why kids are a different kind of happy. Their happiness is like the river itself. One moment they are happy playing with the toys, and the next moment they find their mother’s hair intriguing. Their happiness is life and life is their happiness but as we grow and start forming an identity based on programming by society, suddenly we don’t like the flow and we want to swim against the current to be a certain way, to get a certain thing. However, what we don’t realize is that this river is made of the same stuff that makes the earth go around the sun, that changes the seasons, that turns a tiny seed into a giant tree, and one sperm in a billion becomes a fully grown person.

all of our resistance is futile against this cosmic force. So our best option is to surrender to its flow, float, and enjoy it till it lasts because soon the river will cease to exist and join the cosmos. Your identity will be lost. All your likes, dislikes, needs, wants, wishes, and desires will dissolve into oblivion and you’ll regret not living it as it approaches the edge.

remember a good death can only come after a good life. If the life was lived in seriousness, the death would be the same, all serious and painful. Take a dip in the ocean, do a cold plunge, take up a new sport, sing and dance like there’s no one around, read a book, watch a movie, cry and see the beauty in tears, make yourself something gourmet and find happiness without posting about it.

Flow with life and be grateful that you got the chance to experience the colors of fall not just once.

Author: Nalin Sharma