The Irreversible State of My Country (Nigeria)

2 min readFeb 14, 2021


I don’t even see this country again.

I hardly go out, but whenever I do. You know all I focus my attention on? It’s taking a view of how people are living.

The helpless, the survivers and the rich. I see all of them. But I focus all my attention on the people helpless and part of the survivers because they’re the ones that form majority of the people.

It puts a lot of burden on my heart for a vision I’ve always had, to be able to walk on the street and pick 1 person randomly and change their lives for the better. And that person pays it forward in the future. We begin a new cycle of generous humans.

I wish nothing but mental/spiritual torture for our government.

Because if you see what people are going through, such that if you have the chance of leaving this country, don’t hesitate.

We’re all going to die but while we’re alive. We can all decide to make things better for the generation after us.

These folks killed young innocent and brilliant minds just last year.

They tasted blood.

A part of me for this country was lost that night. Because I couldn’t stop myself from processing everything that went on in their heads and conversations they had that concluded on killing innocent people.

From why a fellow nigerian will open fire on another innocent citizen who carried your flag and still got shot. I processed everything.

I wonder where our humanity went.

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