What We Can Learn From Google’s Marketing

They took us on a journey through stories that we experience daily.

First, they took us back in time made us understand how our forefathers. couldn’t document their greatness.

Secondly, they told us about how in today’s world we take so many random pictures and we forget to delete the less interesting ones to us.

Thirdly, they told us about how our parents cherish that album mentality but also showed how they could lose all that memory if some unfortunate incident happened in the house. (like fire outbreak).

I could go on and on, but it ends with the fact we take so many photos and we forget our devices have memory limits and also the stress of searching for a particular image from the thousands on our device.

If you’re one who saves lots of images, you’ll know how difficult this is. LOL.

They ended with how the google photos can help with locating particular photos of our choice by using a “text search” and also these photos can be backed up online for free for life so they didn’t take up space on our phone.

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