Why You Don’t Care About Your Vision

A content for new creators and entrepreneurs.

In this short read, I’ll show you why you’ve been static & feeling unfulfilled.

I want to share a few things you might not even have taken notice and you’ve grown with that limiting belief all these while.

The reason I’m able to share this with you is because I struggled with this years ago and it got to a point I was loosing my mind and I needed to find a solution to help discover my gifts, accept my gifts and use them just like I’m currently doing with this write up to help me live a more fulfilled life.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is who you are friends? Do they help you get better or they bring you down? This is very crucial part of your life as a creator and entrepreneur.

You spend most of your time with friends so it’s best you surround yourself with people who are in line with your vision. I’m not about to tell you “if you’re the smarter person in your circle, get a new circle” as a I believe that quote is popularly wrongly used.

If you’re smartest in the room why not serve that circle with enormous value and even bring more people to teach and grow the circle, giving that only if the circle is a healthy one.

My second point is, he careful about the people you take advices from because those people are potential dream killers. A lot of new creators and entrepreneurs today desperately want to have mentors and I have no problem with that.

The only problem is, not getting to know who that person is thoroughly before committing. Don’t let someone tell you that thing you want to achieve can’t be done, in fact, When you hear that, it should be an inspiration to make it happen.

Do you agree with these thoughts!



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