You Have Failed More Times Than Thomas Edison Ever Did!

2 min readMay 17, 2020


Have you ever failed before? Or you’ve probably even failed on purpose ? Or you’ve failed professionally? Or Have you ever failed financially? Or failed at a getting people to care about your product or service?

Then this is for you!

You’ve most likely heard about the most popular failure story of Thomas Edison, right ? About how he failed 1000 times and the 1001st attempt was the light bulb.


What about yours? Before you give me that look, allow me to take you on a journey.

And no, this headline isn’t click bait!

Truth is, you’ve failed far more times than you can count or recall.

I recently watched an session on Authenticity, Consistency & Storytelling between Peace Itimi and Seth Godin.

In that interview he said,

“my biggest failures are the things I didn’t I have the guts to try”.

If you really want to be sincere that statements is factual and would remain ever green!!

What this means for all of us is we have to do better in having the courage to even try, because how do we know if we don’t at least try?

What’s your biggest take away from this article? And do you agree with Seth godin ?




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