By not slapping some generic “I share insights from the best of what I’ve read, watched, and listened to each week” to the description of your newsletter description box.

I see lots of newsletter landing pages with this description & it makes me wonder if they think they’re famous enough for people to care about what they read, watch, or listen to every week?

It’s okay to be an underdog. People love that. Tell the truth of what your newsletter does. Does it teach people marketing (specifically, in how many minutes can they learn this), does it just make people SMILE (like mine: Jollof-Write)?

Be sincere to yourself, what does it really do? And forget about copying what your mentors use in their newsletter descriptions.

Think different!



As a computer science graduate, it’s expected such a person chases a career in coding, right?

Sadly for them, I’m one of those exceptions (always a rebel).

I tried coding way before I got into the course. I actually loved it (I felt like Merlin. Seeing my code instructions perform magic on my screen. without reciting some enchantment….Yaaaay!) — but not enough to take a bullet for it.

Looking back now, I didn’t actually love coding but I loved typing — always did since I was 8, helping my mom type for her clients, on a typewriter. (Where my love for writing all begun. A story for another day)

I might never be a tech-bro (programmer) but I’ll always be a Words-bro 👨🏽‍🍳✍🏽.

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