do this and you’ll grow like crazy

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If you think I’m kidding. When you’re done reading this article, you’ll start paying attention to the type of content you see on your medium account.

The secret is “Self-Help” or easily disguised as “Personal Development”.

To grow on this platform, writing on Self-help is the fastest way.

Examples of such are;

  • 14 Harsh Truths I Had to Make to Reinvent Myself.
  • 10 Life Quotes That (If Applied) Will Change Lead You To Success.
  • 5 Bitter Pills I Had to Swallow To Become My Best Self


You see,

While these things are…

Thank you so much, Elena.

Yeah, it was foreign to me a while back too. I'm glad I stumbled on it.

You also aware of "Personal Monopoly" ? (

Check it out and let me now what you think.

Says who?

Sounds to me like one of those fairytales that were passed on through generations. “Santa Claus is coming to town.”

I don’t know about you but It still hurts that I believed this BS. What was I thinking? I was young and curious. Would you blame me?

The truth? People don’t like to be sold something they’re not interested in.

They don’t like to be scammed.

They don’t like to be sold something you wouldn’t recommend for your spouse and kids.

But when it comes to something they already want. They do want to be sold.

If I’m interested in it? Sell me, please!

don’t worry you’re not alone…

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Yesterday, I had a WhatsApp conversation with a friend who’s into writing too, about what his other interests are.

He listed them & almost immediately I made connections of what he could make into a career. He’s fascinated about sex and relationships which he writes about on his Twitter. His writing is second to none.

I proposed that he focuses on writing on this more than he does on any other topic as his very few are doing it and it’s a very scalable space.

Here’s the thing, I can make these connections for people without sweating and they be…

Category Design: create one, be the loudest about it and.

Category design is a mind blowing concept by Christopher Lochhead

It’s a phenomenal way to see positioning for a brand, service, or product.

Basically, it’s creating a market category and placing your product or service as the leader/first in that category.

Similar to what Johnny Cupcakes have done by being the first t-shirt bakery

More Examples: Bob Marley — Rastafarians lewder (category designer of reggae)

Sales force: cloud-based sales automation category.

Airbnb: On-demand apartment/housing category king

Uber: On-demand transportation category king

Apple: digital music category king (with the iPod and…

(honest answers only….)

Okay. You do too?

When you talk to yourself, who exactly are you talking to?

And who’s listening?

"creative effort". Now that's a better lens to view our work through.

Abi, this is super good.

I've got a few weapons in my arsenal I'll love to contribute to the community.

How does one get to be a part of the 'WM" publication

This line "Funny how in hindsight, things make more sense." hits home!

It makes me remember a quote by Steve Jobs "You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards."

And this is something that resonates with me as well. Thanks for sharing your writing journey, I needed this, Sharma.


A 27-year-old Creator of Ideas. If you LOVE to read LESS & learn MORE. You’re in the right place. 👇🏽 -

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